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Imagine the life you would live if you woke up every morning with a total passion for life. The dreams you could achieve with a true love for yourself, your body and the difference you would have on others. Welcome to the world of Benevita…

the perfect way to align your body, mind and lifestyle of eating with the ultimate level of health, mental clarity and balance. The good life is about to start today! 

Every day a new beginning

starts with the possibility of entering into a new state of consciousness. Immense changes happen through small positive shifts every day by taking care of yourself through eating and lifestyle. Whether you are looking to correct imbalances in your weight or for a guide towards natural long-term healthy eating habits, Benevita provides a naturally healthy and simple plan. Enjoy balance in your life with the easy to follow Benevita Weight Management System along with our Healthy Lifestyle Regime, recipe inspirations and a multitude of support tools to help achieve your wellness and weight loss goals. 

Spoil yourself with Benevita’s chocolate or vanilla elixir Shake-it! made with three plant based non-GMO proteins and 19 essential nutrients which bring a sensation of purity and wholeness. Face each day with improved natural energy with Go! formulated with a

natural energy extract from green tea and a combination of B Vitamins to boost the vital source of energy in your body and have the passion for life that you deserve. And at the end of your day, allow your body to slip into a state of tranquillity and calm with Recover! Created as a gentle and relaxing way to rest and recover from your day with lemon balm extract from the Melissa herb, its calming effects can help you fall into that deep meditative sleep. Delight your taste buds and keep your body happy with the high protein Chocolate Crunch Bar, a delicious snack you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

The Benevita Weight Management System for Your Success. Benevita is developed using science-backed ingredients with the highest quality of standards in mind by our Swiss labs. With three unique, exclusively formulated products to help you reach your health and weight management goals, we highly recommend that you use the three-step regime.

The Benevita Weight Management System contains 3 g of glucomannan, the Japanese grown and harvested Amorphophallus konjac root that actively contributes to a natural progressive weight loss while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and varied diet. Glucomannan, in the context of an energy-restricted diet, contributes to weight loss with a daily intake of 3 g of glucomannan in three 1 g doses.