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Creating Healthy Eating Habits

What am I hungry for? What is easy to make? What is healthy to eat?

How have such seemingly simple questions about what to eat become so puzzling? 

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have a tendency to repeat certain patterns in your eating that are good or bad. Your eating cycle has an important impact on your health, weight, focus, and satisfaction with your life. Since you can only change the things that you are aware of, it is good to focus on the good eating habits and the bad will eventually fall away. Here are a few of our favourite healthy tips for creating healthy eating habits:

1. Drink water

This sounds simple, but let’s be honest: how much water are you actually drinking? Most of the time, the feeling of being hungry is actually our body telling us we are thirsty. So drinking a glass of water, waiting 15 minutes and then seeing if we are actually hungry, is a good trick to not overeat. This is also an easy way to get your eight glasses of water a day. And as 60% of our body is water, we need to keep replacing it and not fill up on sweetened beverages, soda (including diet sodas!), coffee, black tea and alcohol. Get creative with the eight glasses of water: add some fresh lemon juice, orange slices, fresh berries or chunks of cucumber. These little additions really help to keep water interesting and refreshing. You should start to notice a difference in your cravings, your clarity of mind, and your body will thank you.

2. Load up on vegetables

The more you experiment with different varieties and combinations of vegetables with your regular meals, the more you will love them. Vegetables fill us up, and vegetables of different colours provide different vitamins and minerals. Plus they are low in calories. When shopping at your local farmers' market or supermarket, be adventurous! Pick up new varieties of vegetables, ask what they are, the best way to cook them and combined them with other foods as part of your lunch or dinner. Try adding at least two vegetables to your lunch or dinner and you will soon find new healthy favourites to fill up on.

3. Do not fear the fats

All fats are not created equal. "Good fats" such as avocados, nuts, light cream cheese and olive oil help us to absorb vitamins, help to give us glowing hair, skin, and nails, and even keep us more satiated, which means that you will stay fuller longer and be much more satisfied with your meals. Consider adding "good fats" to your next meal and you will be surprised at how full you will feel and how this can be your new “fast food.”

4. Eat foods that make you feel happier

When going through a tough time, most people feed their bodies starchy foods that are high in sugar and salt. Although they may taste good in the moment, these foods tend to have negative side effects, such as weight gain, high blood pressure, migraines and diabetes. The key is eating well balanced food which aids in increasing positive mood. Foods like salmon, chocolate, spinach, avocado and some berries contain vitamins that assist the body in feeling happy.

With the Benevita Weight Management System, you can create healthy eating habits and lose weight with Shake-It!, Go! and Recover! The Healthy Lifestyle Regime also makes it easy for you as it contains a wide variety of suggestions, healthy tips and delicious recipe inspirations. Benevita can help you establish eating habits that will be sustainable for the short and long term, so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle.